About Us

Hope Honey Farm grew out of a love for nature, the well-being of people, and a desire to help a fuzzy little insect known as Apis mellifera. Otherwise known as the honey bee.

After a six-week course on beekeeping in April of 2012, we purchased our first two colonies of bees. It wasn’t long before we developed an unimaginable love for these amazing little creatures.

Any seasoned beekeeper will tell you not to get attached to the bees…well, we failed miserably at that. We love “our girls” and feel so blessed to be a small but important part in their existence.

A first year beekeeper does not anticipate harvesting honey the first year since the bees are busy building the hive which includes both drawing-out comb and  increasing bee numbers. Our girls must have been extremely happy, because the first year, one of our colonies produced 70 pounds of the most amazing honey we had ever tasted.  It tasted so floral, unlike any honey we had ever tasted.  We gave some honey away and by word of mouth, people in the area began asking to purchase it.  It makes us smile to think back on the day we realized how much honey we had and thought "what in the heck are we going to do with 70 pounds of honey?" because it sold out in about one week!  

Our amazing little bees produced and we made new connections with people who wanted the goodness of local, naturally grown honey. We had a product, we had customers, we had a small business, we needed a name. 

The name “HOPE” came from a scribbled writing we found on the inside of a closet door during the remodel of our home. When the light is just right and the closet door is opened to just the right degree, you can faintly see the penciled words (perhaps those of a love-struck child?) “I love you Hope for always.”

The discovery of this short scribbled sentence was fate, as it truly reminds us of our own HOPE. HOPE that our bees — and bees all over the world — will survive the degradation of our environment caused by pesticides and mono-culture farming. HOPE that we can continue to spread the message about the dangers of pesticide use and the importance of planting bee-friendly landscapes. HOPE that we will continue to make connections with people who stop by to talk to us or purchase our products and most of all, HOPE for a steadfast journey of caring for Mother Earth. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Peace, Love, & Honey Bees,